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Cedric Benson this week..... (1 Viewer)

Good question.

No news that he's starting. He had 10 carries last week, and after the game Lewis said Benson would get more touches this week and in the future. So it seems you can expect at least 12-15 carries in week 6.

besides the terrible fumble, didn't perry have a nice TD run called back and he was also targeted in the end zone a few times? so it isn't like the bengals hate him yet.

At this point, I don't have to play Perry or Benson - but I'll be watching this game closely..I think Otis' call of 12-15 touches is about right. They may not be quality touches though - stacked line against Fitz.

MisfitBlondes said:
Anyone starting Perry? Why? I saw the targets last week but I don't see them moving the ball this week
I'm starting Perry with confidence. :excited:
i have both benson and perry... went back and forth all week, decided on perry because benson has to show me more than just 12-15 carries. i still think perry's going to get the "good" carries at least for one more week.

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