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Champ Game! Brees or Big Ben, opponent has A Brown (2 Viewers)


Scoring leans TD heavy, with 6 point passing TDs, 1 pt/25 yds passing and 1 pt/15 yds rushing/receiving, 0.5 ppr. 

My team is 

QB: Brees or Big Ben

RB: Gurley & Ingram (Ballage if Gurley is out/expects to be very limited)

WR: M Thomas & Golloday

TE: Ebron

Flex: Robby Anderson

His team is Josh Allen, Antonio Brown, TY Hilton, Kamara, Coleman, Njoku, Edelman

FBG Matchup shows me a 64%/10 point favorite. Yahoo shows me a 6 point favorite. Gurley -> Ballage would be ~-8 point expectation if it happened though, making it basically a toss up. 

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That is a tough call.  Brown has no importance in this decision.  Play the guy that you think will score the most points.  I think I go with Brees but tomorrow I might change my mind.  Flip a coin......or better yet play mind games and have your opponent pick your QB...hahahahaa


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