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Champ wins $1300 - 32 team start up (1 Viewer)

The Commission

Tired of putting up the second or third highest score of the week andcoming away with nothing to show for it but a loss? Well that ends righthere right now!!! The VP (Victory Points) solves that dilemma. H2H winloss & ties still matter, but it’s not the only thing that mattersanymore.The new 32-team Victory Points dynasty league whichkicks off in 2013, needs three more owners. This league is for theHardcore Fantasy Football Players that want a league that goes 24/7 365days a year. This customized Victory Points Scoring System is one thatcombines H2H scheduling match-ups, plus your skill in assembling,running, and striving for being one of the weekly high scoring teams.This league will mimic the NFL in almost every way. Note, that this leaguewill require owners that are extremely dedicated and looking for morethan being content at just filling out a weekly lineup. This is for theFF owners that want to step up and step out.

12 teams make the playoffs, and every playoff team wins money.If interested hit me up at VPHQ@hotmail.com to find out about the great ideas planned for this new league.My name is Dave


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