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Championship: Flex Help Needed (1 Viewer)


I'm in the championship of a 12 team with full PPR.  My wrs have, frankly, fallen off a cliff, with Diggs getting hurt and losing Bradford's attention, and Pryor becoming a bust with RG3 at the helm.  So now I'm trying to figure whom to start at my WR2 and Flex -- taking into account that I have to start Hunter Henry because Eifert is out.

How would you stack this group (from which I need to pick two starters)?

  • Alshon Jeffery v. Washington.  My inclination is to start him, as Barkeley can get him the ball, and while Norman might follow him, he's not as much of a shutdown corner as folks think.
  • Dontrelle Inman @ Cleveland.  Typically, I'd fire up Inman, but with Henry in my lineup against Cleveland, I don't know that I want to double down on the Chargers' offense.
  • Adam Thielen v. GB.  The Packers secondary has been up and down, but you gotta think that he's going to get good volume, especially in a full PPR.
  • Stefon Diggs v. GB.  Too few targets, and hurt.  I'd rather start Thielen, I think.
  • Derrick Henry v. Jags.  A roll of the dice on a TD.  Not ideal.
Also available:  

  • Tyler Lockett v. Arizona (Tough matchup, though Cooks scorched them.  Could be a nice start -- but more mercurial than my other guys)
  • Robbie Anderson v. Pats (Not sure I want to put everything on the line for a UDFA WR on the Jets)
  • Marquise Lee v. Ten (meh)
  • Ken Farrow v. Cle (meh)
If it helps, my other starters are Luck, Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, TY Hilton, KC, and Matt Bryant

Help needed!  Leave your post, and I'll help.

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A jeffery when not hurt is always a Stud , and barkeley has looked good and is playing for 2017 !!!!  i kinda like M Lee , but bortles has been horrible this year 

for Flex i like D henry , 



Looks like folks like Jeffery, which is where my head's at, too.  I've been split between Inman, Ginn, and Lockett -- turns out Ginn is available on the wire, too, and has a nice matchup against Atlanta with Cam looking like he turned a corner last week.  Thoughts?



Jeffery would be my first choice of those available.

Then it's a bit of a toss up between Lockett, Inman and Anderson.  

Anderson could stay hot and has been receiving a ton of targets from Petty...but he could easily fall flat. The Jets lost another lineman so Petty could have even less time this week. High ceiling, no floor.

Inman has been receiving about 6 targets a game recently and catching most of them. He's also been finding the end zone. However, this one could get out of hand early and Chargers could lean on Farrow and Hillman. Solid floor.

Lockett has also been receiving about 6 targets a game recently and catching most of them (except for the Bucs game). He was a draft darling and started out cold, but he's really turned it on recently.  High ceiling with somewhat of a floor.

The rest of your team is rock solid, so I'd lean more toward the solid floor of Inman.

Good luck!



I am going a different direction...  Lockett vs a defense that has lost both Mathieu & Bucannon recently and Inman- vs a pathetic Cleveland team in PPR (Yes, the TD's might go Gates way, but the targets should be there). 



Thanks for all the help.  I ended up going with Inman & Jeffery, and really labored over whether to start Lockett/Thielen over Inman.  Thus far, it looks like I chose. . . . poorly.


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