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Cleveland DB's (1 Viewer)


They all seem to shine here and there, but none seem to show consistency. The most consistent would probably be McCutcheon in terms of solos i would assume, but he seemed a bit more productive early on than of late. Still, there seems to be a guy like Crocker, Bodden, or maybe Pool that comes in and shows some sporadic but very good production. Regardless, the secondary seems to have opportunity to put up numbers. Will a safety like Pool or Crocker (stick a fork in Jones?) step up and consistently start putting up tackle numbers, will one of the two corners do it, or will it continue to be sporadic and spread out from week to week (alah the brown's wr's from a few years ago)? Thoughts? :popcorn:

We've discussed this a few times before. Bodden filled in admirably for Baxter earlier and now has the job fulltime. He is a good CB and not just a stop-gap. But teams will go at Bodden over McCutcheon. Usually, I'd take safeties over CBs but over the last 3 games both Bodden and McCutcheon have scored more than the Cleveland safties. Bodden ranks as the 23rd DB in that span. To put that into perspective, Troy Polamalu also ranks as the 23rd DB in the last 3 games, too.I liken this situation to Kelly Herndon (ranked #3 in the last 3 weeks) in Seattle who plays opposite Marcus Trufant.

I kind of like Pool as he seems to be getting more and more playing time and I think he's the most talented player in that secondary. Crocker seems to be fading, McCutcheon is solid but hurt now. Bodden has some promise if teams continue to attack him as the weak link, but that almost requires a healthy McCutcheon opposite him.


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