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CLOSED THREAD **NEED ONE MORE PERSON!** Yahoo 12 team PPR, $100 buyin, 6th year league, LeagueSafe payment, drafting Sep 6 @ 6pm EST (1 Viewer)

Alright Meow

Hey guys! We need ONE more person for our Yahoo 12 Team PPR league. We are a multi-year league with primarily returning players. Payments thru LeagueSafe, due before draft time. I will over recruit until I receive one more payment, then remove any other teams if needed and finalize the league.

6 point QB Touchdowns
-2 for QB interception
1 Point per Reception
All other settings are Yahoo default

Snake draft, standard waiver wire settings. All teams face each other at least once, and three teams twice. No divisions.

1st $800
2nd $300
3rd $100

Roster positions:
QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, FLEX, K, DEF
6 Bench
2 Injured Reserve

Feel free to respond with any questions. Good luck to all this season!

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