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Cold Weather FFA: If you can try to help people and animals without heat (1 Viewer)

Da Guru

Fair & Balanced
Watching the news the last 2 days and seeing the struggles of people just trying to survive..the animal rescues begging for help was heartbreaking. 
My wife and I gathered coats and blankets  from our friends today and dropped them off at a church in Detroit where I know they were needed.. people were sitting on the steps outside begging to get in.  

We gave one man a huge jacket, hat and blanket and it was like we gave him a million dollars. Below zero is a desperate situation.  My wife dropped off a bunch of stuff at the Ann Arbor animal rescue yesterday.

 After seeing the desolate we get back into our heated vehicles and drove back to our heated homes and warm beds.  

Then I click on the news and the first thing I see is where Harper or Machado are going to sign for 300 million to play baseball...or Davis is not happy making 30 million a year shooting hoops in New Orleans.  The irony..


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