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Okay, I see a lot of griping about various pet peeves in the football world, and usually none of them are things that bother me. (Collinsworth, "unfair" fantasy trades, bad penalty calls, etc.) Now it's my turn.

I see this new graphics package in college football broadcasts on FOX games. It has a, like, informal, organic, "high-attitude" theme to it, I guess? The logos on the on-screen scoreboard are at an oblique, with the team names and ranks written in all caps in a lame "chalkboard scrawl" type of font. The possession indicator is a yellow "scribble" underlining the team's score. When there's a penalty, there's this "CAUTION/CONSTRUCTION” style sign that pops up screaming "FLAG!"

I know a lot of people hate on-screen graphics to begin with. I personally like them ... But they're strictly for information. They should be as subdued as possible, and this is moving in the opposite direction.
Just flipping back and forth between this and the ABC game I noticed a big difference. ABC had an actual possession arrow as well as much cleaner graffics. And they also acknowledge that other games are going on with the bottom line. Meanwhile Fox looks like it was designed by a 12 year old.
This has bothered me all year. It just seems silly. But I’m sure some marketing department got the reigns and ran with it.

Maybe it will grow on me. I forget what station does it. Fox maybe. But they created the cartoon drawing version of nfl players a few years ago (likely just a filter over their picture) and I didn’t like it but it kind of grew on me.

The Fox Bot can also be lumped into this goofy mess, but he’s been around forever.

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