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Conner for Adams?? (1 Viewer)


10 team Standard scoring.  Non ppr.     Start: qb/2rb/2wr/te/flex

my team:


Gurley, Conner,Mack, Chubb, Collins,  Michel, Coleman, Ekeler

Beckham, Baldwin, J. Brown,  Coutee


his team:


Cook, Kerryon, A. Jones,  R. Freeman, Barber

Adams,  M. Thomas, Boyd,  Sanu


obvously he is hurting at RB and  he offered me Davante Adams for my Conner.  My gut reaction is to to take this trade but wanted some additional opinions.   I have loved having Conner so far but I think I have the RB depth to make this move.    Especially since Conner value will take a hit if bell comes back this year.


I think this would work for you since Bell can be a problem for Conner.  But in a 10 man league you may be better off improving your QB even though Dalton has been adequate.  But Conner might bring you a better one.

Who knows Conner's role when Bell gets back. You have good depth at RB and I especially like what Chubb might have to offer. Adams is a stud when healthy. Do it!!


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