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Contract/IDP Superflex Startup High $ -Filled (1 Viewer)


Dynasty GMs!

A 32 GM, Full IDP/Roster Superflex League is forming as we speak. Right now we have 20 of 32 GMs, the bylaws are 90 percent in stone and are looking for some experienced GMs that are wanting to join a high $ league.

The fee is set at $300 a year.

League will be hosted on MFL , all $$ handled by Leaguesafe.

Regular season rosters are 46-55 players, there is a 16 player taxi squad for rookies and 2nd year players.

Yearly we adjust to the NFL Cap number. This league will start 25 players weekly, which includes, Coach, PK, PN and OLine.

We will be vetting GMs with a pretty simple questionaire. All GMs thus far are from sister leagues built and ran by a core group of commissioners.

Please feel free to ask any questions. If you are interested in getting contacted about joining the league please email the address below.

Edit: Slack is mandatory for communications. All GMs will be on our channels for league discussions.

THE Superflex League Commissioner
To add to the above, the league will be NFL themed, with NFL teams. Each conference will have its own player pool, so essentially this will play a lot like a 16 team league, yet as per the NFL there WILL be cross conference games, but not cross conference trading. Unique to this league also, will be an initial auction for 2023 RC draft slots, BEFORE the start up auction. Any cap spent toward securing your RC draft slot will be deducted from your start up auction Cap, so a LOT of strategies to be had.

Current NFC teams available:
NY Giants
Washington Commanders
Carolina Panthers
Arizona Cardinals
Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers

Current AFC teams available:
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers
O-Line scoring:

QB Sacked
-1 point each
Offensive Points Only
.50 points each
Passing First Downs
0.1 points each
Rushing First Downs
0.1 points each
Third Down Conversions
0.3 points each
Third Downs Failed
-0.1 points each
Fourth Down Conversions
0.5 points each
Fourth Downs Failed
-0.5 points each

Starting Line up:

Total Starters:25
Number of Starting Coachs:1
Number of Starting QBs:1-2
Number of Starting RBs:2-3
Number of Starting WRs:2-5
Number of Starting TEs:1-3
Number of Starting PKs:1
Number of Starting PNs:1
Number of Starting DTs:1-2
Number of Starting DEs:2-3
Number of Starting LBs:2-4
Number of Starting CBs:2-3
Number of Starting Ss:2-3
Number of Starting Offs:1
Maximum Number of Starting QB/RB/WR/TE Players:11
Total Number of Starting Individual Defensive Players:11
Current NFC teams available:
NY Giants
Washington Commanders
Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals

Current AFC teams available:
New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Indianapolis Colts
Kansas City Chiefs

A few notes for those interested, we use LeagueSafe for all money transactions in the league and a link to MFL will be below.


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