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Contract league: Ekeler (1 Viewer)

Hurl Bruce

I'm in a contract league where we get $200 and can bid on guys then assign them to a contract for that amount for up to 4 years. If they get cut by me, they count as 1/3 of that as a salary cap penalty each of the remaining years he is not on my roster.

I won Ekeler for $22.

I know that's a pretty good price for him. My question is about the length of the contract seeing how RBs can fall off a cliff quickly. Do you see him as a top 1-2 rounder type guy for the next 4 years? If not, how many years would you lock him in for?


Thanks for answering mine. With all the offensive weapons there I can see Ekeler viable for 4 more years,RB is a tough posotion and he'll get his dings here and there,but long term view I like him a lot.


Without knowing what other RB's are going for or how that salary compares it's tough to say how long of a contract to give. I likely give him a 2 yr contract without knowing how the price compares. That allows you to have him locked in for next year and then re-evaluate. I would expect is price will be going down 2 years from now.

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