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Contract League - How To Form? (1 Viewer)


I'm planning on starting a contract league next year for either 11 or 12 teams and was wondering if anybody would mind sharing how their contract leagues are set up?We plan on using the basic ideas found in the "Contract Leagues" article I found in the aarticles section of Footballguys.com.I've already got a general scoring system in place, so I'm more interested in the rules and rosters that you guys use, although any scoring suggestions are always welcome as well.Any and all help is greatly appreciated. :D

Here is a link to our contract rules. We had an initial auction draft and then we had to sign the players to contracts.
These are intersting starts, but the league we are setting up is going to have a limited number of contracts and auctions and salary caps are not being used.Anyone out there with a similiar set up?


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