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Dalton vs Watson (1 Viewer)


In a full PPR. Have an opportunity to pick up Dalton. Currently have Brees and Deshoun Watson. My question is whether  to stay with Watson or pick up Dalton? Is what we have seen from Dalton the past 2 weeks a fluke or can he maintain this level? 

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Dalton has had those flashes before.  He will come back down to earth.  Since you have Brees I would rather keep the upside of Watson because if he flashes again you will have nice trade opportunities to get rid of Brees or Watson down the line.   Nobody is going to trade for Dalton and you will most likely be able to pick him up on waivers 5 weeks from now too.

I would much rather have Watson's upside. Wait and see if Fuller and the Watson/Fuller magic is back before making a move like that.


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