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Is Da'Norris Searcy the safety to own in Buffalo, is he a better player than Aaron Williams?

Coach Doug Marrone has determined that Aaron Williams will play safety.

Williams was regarded as arguably the top safety in the 2011 draft class, but he's played corner for the Bills over the last two seasons. It's resulted in two straight years of below-average coverage. Williams figures to battle with Da'Norris Searcy for the starting spot next to Jairus Byrd.

Source: Tim Graham on Twitter Apr 16 – 12:34 PM

There is 1 play from last season that really stuck out in my mind regarding Da'Norris Searcy : http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/0ap2000000112190/Lynch-13-yard-touchdown-run

When I first saw the play I felt like he was a punk for not hitting Marshawn Lynch at the goal line. Looking at the play from the endzone angle you can see how poorly he reacts to the play. He's slow, there isn't much for him to misread if he is keying on someone else and given the area of the field the angle he takes is terrible.

It's only 1 play and I haven't studied Da'Norris Searcy extensively, it's just a play I recall that defines him somewhat as a player in my mind.


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