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Desperate for WR help - Pick 1 - 2nd round of the playoffs (1 Viewer)


12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring.

Lost Kirk and Dell 2 weeks ago, this late in the season the WW is bare. I'm going up against the #1 seed who is stacked, so I can't afford to put up a goose egg.
My line up is set, except for my 3rd WR....these are my choices, pick 1 and pray for me. Thanks in advance.

D. Douglas/NE @ Denver - Decent player on a bad offense, going up against a good defense, highest rated play out of this bunch according to most FF rankings, but hard to pull the trigger.

Demarcus Robinson/LAR vs NO - Rode Robinson for the last 2 weeks, and he was a savior, seemed to have a good connection with Stafford, and caught a TD in both weeks. The problem is Tutu Atwell is out of concussion protocol, not sure where that leaves Robinson.

Parker Washington/Jax @ TB - With Zay Jones hurt again, and Kirk on IR, Washington could see increased usage. Would feel better if Trevor Lawrence was a definite play.

Agnew/Jax @ TB - Listed as a deep sleeper by FootballGuys Bloom, Agnew posted 70 yards and a score on only 2 catches last week. Again would feel better if Lawrence was definitely playing.

ALL longshots, going to need a miracle and a lot of luck. Thanks in advance, and happy holidays to all.
I hope you went Robinson. If I would have seen this sooner he would have been my choice (I know, easy to say after the fact but it's true).

Assuming you still need an answer I would go with Pop Douglas. I trust him getting the targets and with Lawrence in question that downgrades both Jax choices

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