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Development Dynasty Start-up (1 Viewer)


This will be our 3rd start-up this off-season of the same format, The league will consist of a 22 man roster a 3 man rookie/college player taxi, 1 IR spot. 3 of 12 spots are currently open, please msg me asap as this league will fill rather quickly, The previous leagues were posted on here and filled within a few hours. Please only serious FF owners that can draft and respond to trades,make selections,vote quickly. Each league i run is always an interactive and fun league and i look forward to having another! This will be a league safe league!

The draft will be a slow live draft w/ no timer, The draft will take several days to finish!

Thanks! Zimm





1Flex (RB,WR,TE)

This is a $75 development league, With a automatic $25 deposit for the following season, ($100 total) The deposit will go towards your team in the following season, and if you drop out of the league the money will not be refunded and tossed into the kitty or towards discounting a team if needed. (Keeps out the draft and dump junkies)

1st $420

2nd $220

3rd $75

$75 Reg season points

MFL $70

Playoffs - Will consist of 6 teams, with the top two seeds receving first round byes,. The Highest seed plays the lowest seed in advancing rounds.

Development Draft - The development draft will consist of 2 rounds of college prospects, The picks can be traded for players,future, or rookie picks. (Year one will be snake order) NO FRESHMAN RS/True can be selected (Based on previous season). Development picks will be selected in the start-up draft as kickers (No kicker league).

Rookie Draft - The rookie draft will consist of 3 rounds for rookies and league free agent players. The picks can be traded for players,future, or rookie picks. (Year one picks will be included in start-up draft)

Toilet Bowl - Will be a points based tournement giving the winner the number 13 rookie pick.

Waivers - Will open the Monday before each NFL season, and go off on the Wednesday before the start of the season as blind bid and then FCFS. Offseason waivers will be $200 blind bid.

Taxi Squad - The Taxi squad will consist of 3 players, The players can be college prospects that are draft or rookies, When a player is activate or cut fom the squad they cannont be added back to the taxi! Unless the player is traded to another team, but once a player if off the taxi if you were to trade for the player again he still can't be placed on your taxi, College players that are cut cannont be picked up as free agents. Once a player is active on your roster for a game he can't be placed on your Taxi squad!

College Prospects - You can have as many college prospects on your team, but you still must be able to put in a full starting lineup every single week (Refer to tanking) The draft prospects you can draft must be draft eligible players only, NO Freshman.

Veto on trades - A trade that is in question a poll will be put up and 7 votes to the winning side.

Injured Reserve - There is 2 IR spots and the only players listed IR can be placed on IR, Once a player is not listed on IR he needs to be activated or cut. Rookies that are listed on IR can be demoted to the taxi squad soon as they are activated.

Offseason Rosters - Offseason rosters will go up to 27 (Including Taxi) during the offseason and will have to be cut down a week before the NFL season the season opens up. After week 17 the offseason will begin for this league and IR and Taxi squad players should be added to the active roster. Offseason waivers will be $200 blind bid for the offseason.....So spend it wisely and no blind bid dollars can't be traded!

Offseason Trading - Offseason trading will open up after week 17 (Tuesday morning), When you pay your fee for the following season you are allowed to trade for the following season.

Tanking -
Tanking is loosely defined as throwing a game to obtain a better draft position, or to avoid making a WW drop to find a starter. And it is not permitted.

You must make an attempt to field a valid lineup every week.

In regards to injured players, you are expected to make an attempt to not field players who are clearly "out". However, sometimes this information is not timely - we all get burned by this from time to time, so this can be left up to the commissioner's judgment. Suffice to say, if you start "out" players week after week, you will probably be asked about tanking.

Lastly, you are generally expected to field your most competitive lineup. Note the word "generally", as it gives you plenty of freedom to play matchups or hunches. But if you sit your #1 RB for an injured third stringer because you had a dream about it, and the resulting loss just happens to lock up a top pick next year, expect to be called on it.

If you suspect a fellow player of tanking, bring it to the commissioner, who will then speak to the offending party to try and determine what happened. Sometimes what one person sees as tanking really isn't, and anyone accused of tanking deserves a chance to defend their position. In addition, the accused owner should post a thread in the message board, defending their position.

Guilt of tanking will judged by the commissioner, who may or may not ask for a league vote to help him. The penalty for a first offense is a warning. The second is removal from the league.

Bottom line: You know when you are tanking and so do we. Don't do it.

Transactions -

a) It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the transaction they are making is correct.

b) The owner must contact the commissioner within 15 minutes of the accepted transaction in order for it to be reversed. If the time-stamped email/phone call is received after the 15 minute grace period, the transaction is final.

c) Attempts to deceive another owner as to the identity of a player in a transaction may lead to sanctions by the commissioner or league. (Example - Adrian Peterson of MIN and Adrian Peterson of CHI)

Unforeseen Problems -
Things come up and I understand that. If you are unable to submit a lineup for whatever reason, please e-mail me (Zimm2213@gmail.com.com). if I don't answer and I will change things for you. This is a fail safe method for owners that run across unforeseen problems. I will have a time-stamped record to show the league if there is any question to the validity of the change.

Removing an owner -

a) It is in the best interest of the league to never make this a practice. However, there are rare occasions where it is unavoidable (i.e. - rude and abusive owner, prolonged owner inactivity, etc.). In this case, a league wide vote will be called and a majority vote is needed to remove the owner.

b) There are circumstances where a vote is not needed. These include, but are not limited to: 1) Tanking 2) Collusion and/or cheating 3) Refusal to pay league

Rule Changes -

This league is property of all the owners as a whole. My feeling is that the league can always be made better and I will rely on everyone to help make it better. Rule changes are determined by a majority vote by all of the owners. Anytime there is an owner that has a concern on an issue, he can email the commissioner and ask that the issue be put to a league vote. The majority will rule and the commissioner will break any ties.

Disclaimer -

Commissioner reserves the right to call to vote and/or make a decision on any action he feels disrupts the balance of the league or is a blatantly immoral decision (tanking, waiver wire trading, etc.).

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