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DIspersal Draft (1 Viewer)

Coin Flip

I have one opening in a league that had 2 open spots. One guy was overfilled and one guy has an illness. 2 current teams are jumping in the dispersal as well since it was offered to the entire league. Here is the player pool.League fee is $56 ----Player pool included belowThe draft picks that will be in the draft are each teams 1st and 2nd rounders which if I calculated them correctly are ....., St. Louis STL Def DBears, Chicago CHI Def D49ers, San Francisco SFO Def DBuccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def DCrosby, Mason GBP PK KGraham, Shayne HOU PK KTucker, Justin BAL PK ® KGould, Robbie CHI PK (I) KPrater, Matt DEN PK KOsweiler, Brock DEN QB ® QBRyan, Matt ATL QB QBVick, Michael PHI QB QBBrees, Drew NOS QB QBPalmer, Carson OAK QB (P) QBCousins, Kirk WAS QB ® (P) QBDalton, Andy CIN QB QBFoles, Nick PHI QB ® (I) QBOrton, Kyle DAL QB QBRomo, Tony DAL QB (P) QBManning, Peyton DEN QB QBMoore, Matt MIA QB QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB QBHillis, Peyton KCC RB RBHillman, Ronnie DEN RB ® RBLeshoure, Mikel DET RB RBMcCoy, LeSean PHI RB RBMorris, Alfred WAS RB ® RBPowell, Bilal NYJ RB RBReece, Marcel OAK RB RBStewart, Jonathan CAR RB (P) RBBell, Joique DET RB RBBrinkley, Curtis SDC RB RBGreen-Ellis, BenJarvus CIN RB RBJennings, Rashad JAC RB (I) RBJones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB (I) RBLynch, Marshawn SEA RB (P) RBMathews, Ryan SDC RB (I) RBOwens, Montell JAC RB RBVereen, Shane NEP RB RBLeonard, Brian CIN RB RBPowell, William ARI RB RBStarks, James GBP RB (O) RBStephens-Howling, LaRod ARI RB RBWilliams, Ryan ARI RB (I) RBGreen, Alex GBP RB (P) RBIngram, Mark NOS RB RBMcGahee, Willis DEN RB (I) RBPeterson, Adrian MIN RB RBPierce, Bernard BAL RB ® (P) RBThomas, Pierre NOS RB (I) RBCook, Jared TEN TE (I) TEDreessen, Joel DEN TE TEThomas, Julius DEN TE TEWilliams, D.J. GBP TE TECameron, Jordan CLE TE TEClark, Dallas TBB TE TEDaniels, Owen HOU TE (P) TEHousler, Robert ARI TE (I) TETamme, Jacob DEN TE TEFleener, Coby IND TE ® TEWitten, Jason DAL TE TEHernandez, Aaron NEP TE (P) TEMyers, Brandon OAK TE TERudolph, Kyle MIN TE TEAvant, Jason PHI WR WRBroyles, Ryan DET WR ® (I) WRHenderson, Devery NOS WR WRJones, Donald BUF WR (I) WRJones, James GBP WR WRNelson, Jordy GBP WR (P) WRNicks, Hakeem NYG WR (Q) WRRoberts, Andre ARI WR WRWalter, Kevin HOU WR WRBowe, Dwayne KCC WR (I) WRCruz, Victor NYG WR WRDurham, Kris DET WR WRHarris, Dwayne DAL WR WRHarvin, Percy MIN WR (I) WRJackson, DeSean PHI WR (I) WRMorgan, Joseph NOS WR WRMoss, Randy SFO WR WRAustin, Miles DAL WR (P) WRBess, Davone MIA WR WRBrazill, LaVon IND WR ® WRFloyd, Michael ARI WR ® WRHill, Stephen NYJ WR ® (I) WRHilton, T.Y. IND WR ® WRHixon, Domenik NYG WR WRJean, Lestar HOU WR WRJeffery, Alshon CHI WR ® WRMoore, Denarius OAK WR WRWallace, Mike PIT WR (I) WRWright, Kendall TEN WR ® WRBaldwin, Jon KCC WR WRColston, Marques NOS WR WRGibson, Brandon STL WR WRHawkins, Andrew CIN WR WRJones, Marvin CIN WR ® WRMcCluster, Dexter KCC WR WROgletree, Kevin DAL WR WRRandle, Rueben NYG WR ® WRWashington, Nate TEN WR WR



I am VERY interested. However, I would like to know your scoring system. Are you using LEAGUE SAFE? Can I see what the other FAs are and will they also be available in the draft? Will the draft be serp; 1-4, 4-1, 1-4, etc?Thank You.Jim


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