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DJ Swearinger (1 Viewer)


The news on Ed Reed continues to be less than encouraging. Is it time to take a close look at this guy as a sleeper, even in redraft leagues? Given an opportunity for a full time role, I think he could have similar upside to Cyprien this year.

I have been trying to add him in all my leagues where I can (16 team, start 2 S).

Texans | D.J. Swearinger will see playing time (Wed Jul 17, 02:13 PM) - Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith said he expects FS D.J. Swearinger to receive a lot of playing time even if FS Ed Reed (hip) is ready for the start of the season. 'D.J. operates like he's a veteran. He has awareness. He knows how to disguise things early in his development learning the scheme. ... I do expect him to play a lot of snaps,' Smith said.


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