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do I drop Dwight Smith for one of these? (1 Viewer)


I have some bye week and injury issues with Big Ben and McnairInstead of dropping an offensive player for a backup QB should I just drop D. Smith(is on bye) and Cooper(backup) and pick up one of these?A. Winfield, K. Herndon, C. Gamble, J. Webster, D. FoxworthJustin Miller - we get 1 pt per 10 yards kick/punt returning1.5 tack.75 assist5 int4 sack3 ff2 fr1 pass defend6 td1 per 10 yards return

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What I have learned is you don't pick up a guy that has 1 big game. Those come too few and far in betwee. I was looking at someone who might be more consistent

Actually Gamble has been the most consistent low scorer of the bunch. All of the others have consistently scored over 10 points a week for several weeks.

just go to your available players stats and sort the points for the whole season by Average.. then take the top guy..you seem to already have your answers.. why ask the question?

I prefer to go with guys who are consistent tacklers. Then any big plays (sacks, ints, etc) are gravy. Winfield and Webster have the most tackles out of this bunch. Either of them would probably be better than Smith. Winfield will probably be on the field more.


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