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Does Favre have one last good game in him? (1 Viewer)

tick dog

...could be his final home game at Lambeau and he might have a little extra incentive to "go out with a bang" rather than a whimper. Yes, he's been awful down the stretch here, just chucking up hail mary passes into triple coverage, but SEA will be resting defensive guys left and right (e.g. Trufant didn't even make the trip). Anyone think Favre will just sling it 50 times and maybe put up some good fantasy numbers?

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I thought this, but then I thought he'd have extra incentive in his "last Monday night game" and they lost, what, 45-3?He hasn't scored positive points in our league since week 7. If he was "Quarterback X" instead of "Brett Favre," we would have cut him eight weeks ago.Boller is leading us tomorrow, unless we delusionally try to give Favre another chance. I hope we can resist that.


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