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Dorsett over Garcon? (1 Viewer)

Goin Deep

So I'm guessing that I'm the only one that sees Dorsett as a sneaky play? I just don't see many options in NE this week but id have to start over Garcon. Thoughts? I will reply.

The nice thing about your sleeper is you don't have to start him in week 1 - if there is value in Dorsett, it will be there weeks 2-16. Hogan, Gronk, Patterson, White and Hollister will all line up wide and be competing for targets. In addition, Dorsett was never able to make it happen in Indy.

Garcon will get the most or second most snap counts of the WRs on the niners. I could envision a scenario where Dorsett only gets a handful of snaps.

I'd go for the higher floor, and that's Garcon.

would appreciate input on mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/770087-05-ppr-start-2-of-cthompson-jobrown-dfunchess-jross/


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