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Draft pick value/rook vs. vet? (1 Viewer)

Noahs Troopers

Somebody recently did a post called like "Vet pick vs. rook pick - A mini study" and it had values of the picks like 1.1 is worth 2.5 and 1.2 is worth 3.1 etc; I can't find it, been searching for a while, anyone got this or remember the name of the thread?

Some data points for consideration...

Zealots rookie pick average number from 05 and vet draft average from 06:

Brown, Ronnie MIA RB 1.3 11.9

Williams, Carnell TBB RB 2.2 6.8

Benson, Cedric CHI RB 2.7 24.6

Arrington, J.J. ARI RB 4.1 138.7

Edwards, Braylon CLE WR 5.5 61.4

Williamson, Troy MIN WR 7.4 161.4

Williams, Mike DET WR 7.6 128.8

Shelton, Eric CAR RB 8.2 187.9

Clayton, Mark BAL WR 9.9 87.3

Smith, Alex SFO QB 10.7 202.1

Gore, Frank SFO RB 11.1 56


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