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Drop Crowell or Drake for Mack (1 Viewer)

Who am I?

For some reason, Mack is sitting waivers. I really want to pick him up as I feel the potential is there. 

I currently have Gordon and Hyde as well.....PPR league.

Should I drop Crowell or Drake for Mack? And if so, which one? 

Drake has been frustrating and has a brutal playoff schedule. But also catches more and could breakout at any time.

Crowell more consistent. But 50-50 share and doesn't really catch much.

I'd drop Crowell. He's in an inescapable RBBC, which is likely to get bigger in a couple weeks when McGuire comes back. They would have used the IR-R on him, unless they had plans for him.

I agree with dropping Crowell.  He is a roster clogger.  Has good enough games that you keep him around but never know when those games will be so afraid to start him.  Get rid of the clogger.


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