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[DYNASTY] DB #3 (Tie) (1 Viewer)

DB #3

  • Ed Reed

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  • Charles Tillman

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  • Brian Dawkins

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  • Gibril Wilson

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  • Roy Williams

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  • Sean Taylor

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  • Rodney Harrison

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  • Ronde Barber

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  • Other

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Please comment on your vote, and list any player that should be nominated for the next round. If you must assume a scoring system, go with 0.5 points per half-tackle, 3 points per sack / INT / FF / FR.Cornerbacks and Safeties are rolled together.1. Troy Polamalu2. Adrian WilsonFinal results:Ed Reed [ 10 ] [28.57%] Charles Tillman [ 7 ] [20.00%] Brian Dawkins [ 0 ] [0.00%] Gibril Wilson [ 10 ] [28.57%] Roy Williams [ 6 ] [17.14%] Sean Taylor [ 1 ] [2.86%] Rodney Harrison [ 1 ] [2.86%] Ronde Barber [ 0 ] [0.00%] Other [ 0 ] [0.00%] Ed Reed and Gibril Wilson are 3a and 3b.

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Gibril Wilson over Roy Williams.Bob Sanders should be considered in the top 10 for sure.Thanks, Tick. Nice work.

Charles Tillman. That D-line is going to intact for a loong while- most are signed through 2008. There will be plenty of throwing on the Bears. Gibril is another good option here simply because strahan is getting along on his age and soon teams will be able to run on the giants and get into the secondary.

I'm surprised Terrence McGee is not listed. If your league awards points for kick returns, McGee has been a Top-3 DB the past two years. Heck, even if your league does not award points for kick returns, McGee needs to be considered a Top-10 DB. He has averaged 5 1/2 tackles and one PD per game over the past two years.NOTE: If Clements leaves BUF via free agency, I think McGee's value will take a substantial hit. Clements is one of the best CB's in the game and opposing teams make efforts to avoid him (...hence, McGee's production the past two years).

Regarding Ed Reed- can someone explain all the love? He hasn't had a better year than, say, Gibril Wilson, despite his longer career. Assessing his future situation, I'm a little torn here. The line isnt very young and neither are their LB's- perhaps losing a key component in Ray Lewis in the next few years. Also they're about to get rocked in free agency. Offensive troubles seem to be the theme of their season so that seems most likely the route they pursue during the draft and offseason. Also, many big names are up for contract-renewals; Jamal Lewis, Tommy Polley, Will Demps, Anthony Weaver and Chester Taylor. Some big hits on defense if they can't afford them. This is great for his stats as opposing offenses will start to run on the Ravens moreso and he will be called into run support more often. Tackles are up. Their corners aren't young either, in fact, im not sure either lasts for more than five years. Their direct backups are also 30+ in age. If they decide to draft a pair of corners sometime, that means more balls thrown Reed's way as offenses will pick on the corners often. INT's will most likely increase from average as will PD's but tackles are still up in the air. I guess I see an uptick in stats but his previous numbers were nothing to wet yourself over. Comparatively.

looks like I'm the only one to vote Roy Williams so far. Ed Reed and Sean Taylor don't make enough tackles for me, and I think CBs fluctuate too much from season to season to rank this highly. It was very close between Roy and Gibril here for me, but I think Roy is the more talented player so I'd take my chances on him. I can't dispute the fact that he's been sort of a disappointment since his huge rookie season though.

Bob Sanders, Terrence McGee, and Madieu Williams will be on the next list. However, as someone who owns Sanders, there's no way he goes on my top 10 list. He was on my bench most of the season behind some combo of Rhodes, Tillman, Sharper, and Parrish. He's injured too much for my taste.I went with Tillman. I think you're getting in near the beginning of a Ronde Barber career with him.Regarding Ed Reed, he blew away all other IDPs last year and has been good in other years. The new scheme doesn't seem to help him, though, and he's dependent on the big play.

Personally, I don't think Terrence McGee belongs on the list of top-10 DBs. He's currently the 28th ranked fantasy DB in FBG scoring while Nate Clements is #7. I don't know how common it is for kick return yardage to count, but I'd say we focus on defense and leave special teams out of it as much as possible to be consistent. I'd probably take Charles Tillman, Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Chris Gamble, Dunta Robinson and DeAngelo Hall all over McGee.I'm not sure Madieu belongs up there either after the season he is having.I do, however, think Adam Archuleta and Michael Lewis definitely belong in the polls coming up.Bob Sanders is currently the #14 ranked fantasy DB despite being less than 100% for quite a few weeks.


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