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[DYNASTY] DL #5 (1 Viewer)

DL #5

  • Charles Grant

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  • Patrick Kerney

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  • Aaron Schobel

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  • Robert Mathis

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Michael Strahan

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  • Will Smith

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  • Other

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  • Total voters


Please comment on your vote, and list any player that should be nominated for the next round. If you must assume a scoring system, go with 0.5 points per half-tackle, 3 points per sack / INT / FF / FR.Defensive ends and Defensive tackles are rolled together for this category.1. Julius Peppers2. Dwight Freeney3. Jason Taylor4. Osi UmenyioraWho's #5?Final results (closing this fairly early since it's a blowout):Charles Grant [ 7 ] [24.14%] Patrick Kerney [ 1 ] [3.45%] Aaron Schobel [ 12 ] [41.38%] Robert Mathis [ 2 ] [6.90%] Michael Strahan [ 2 ] [6.90%] Will Smith [ 4 ] [13.79%] Other [ 0 ] [0.00%] Schobel.

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Man, these choices are pretty week. I took Smith, Schobel would be a close second.
Going the opposite here. Schobel due to consistancy gets my vote here. Smith seems to me a player on the rise and comes in a close second.
went with Schobel...I'm not certain Charles Grant won't bounce back and be more valuable than Smith next year, but the uncertainty there makes Schobel's consistency look even better

Ogunleye and Burgess probably need to get on to the option list.
Will do. Anyone else to add? Kevin Williams or Rod Coleman?
Yeah, those guys. Terrell Suggs, KGB, Trent Cole, Bert Berry
I sure won't be voting for Cole or Berry yet, but I guess you can add them.If you're adding Coleman and Williams, you have to include John Henderson.


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