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Dynasty/Keeper Help 3.0 (1 Viewer)


Your feedback has really helped my learning curve. With my league set-up I'm investing too much too early on future prospects. A healthy Balance of NOW and Future would be better.
(12-team H2H league, Keep 15 players. Yahoo!. I don't watch baseball, I don't know what I'm doing. I try to add/find value.
In Dynasty Football... I could probably trade prospects for draft picks. no one trades in this league.
27 Man Active Roster
3 NA spots
2 IL
=32 Max. I'm at max .

Batting: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, CS, BB, K, TB, E, FPCT, AVG, OPS, XBH, DPT
Pitching: ER, HR, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV+H

My goal is to acquire players all within the top 100 ranking. That contribute now or in the next season.
Target: Keep 10-11 Batters and 4-5 Pitchers depending on Talent, needs.

Strider out for season is a blow for 2024 but obviously keeper.
Consolidation Trade: Gave Jordan Alvarez OF and Williams Contreras C for Adley Rutschman C. I'm happy with this even though I probably over paid.
Realizing: I have too many NA and Future players. Their rankings are high. BUt they don't always come around and even when they do...their fielding position changes.
I probably need to get more pitching. I kept 3 (Strider, Wheeler, Castillo). I didn't land target pitchers in the draft like I wanted.

Which Players or Positions would you target to improve the roster? Ex: Replacing Altuve in the future at 2B with a close or equivalent but younger player....target Ozzie Albies?
Which players do you feel are not Top 15 but in the top 15? Ex: Joe Musgrove SP is dropable.
Which non-keeper players if any have trade value? Ex Jordan Lawlar is a roster luxury see if you can bundle him with?... for ....?
Who do you hate?
Who do you like?
Who's missing?

Starters when healthy
C Adley Rutschman,
1B TCasas (IL10)
2B JAltuve,
3B Gunnar Henderson,
SS Elly De La Cruz ,
OF: Corbin Carroll, Wyatt Langford, Jazz Chisholm,
UT: Evan Carter

BENCH: In order of DYNAST ranking from 4-27 FantPros list.
Junior Caminero 3B NA .....(Projects as starter now) Probably Keeper
Jordan Lawlar SS ...............(Post surgery rehab minors few weeks/months away?) Probably Keeper
F. Alvarez C IL10 ................(Rotating Starter (Return in a few weeks or months) Keeper
Dylan Crews OF NA .............( 2024? in AA ball #7 overall MLB prospect on ESPN rank) Likely Keeper
Noelvi Marte SS SUS .........( SUS, 40ish games left. ) Possible Keeper
Colt Keith 2B/3B .................(Filling in.) Non Keeper
James Wood OF NA .............(2024 AAA ball) Likely Keeper
Walker Jenkins: OF NA ...........(2026? A-ball. top prospect way too early) Keeper if room
Isaac Parades 1B/2B/3B .........(starting at 1st) Swiss army knife Bubble Keeper
Jonathan India 2B ..................(depth best available and youth) Non Keeper
Jordan Westburg 2B/3B .......(Has been filling in). Non Keeper
Vaughn Grissom 2B/SS ......... (Activated finally) Non Keeper

Spencer Strider SP (2025?) Keeper
Zach Wheeler SP Keeper
Luis Castillo SP Keeper
Joe Musgrove SP IL Bubble Keeper?
Devin Williams RP IL Possible Keeper, proactive FA Acquisition
Mitch Keller SP non keeper
Reid Detmers RP non keeper
Chris Sale SP non keeper
Casey Mize SP
Carlos Esteves RP
Jordan Hicks SP/RP

Dyansty Player Ranked. Can Keep 15
1. Corbin Carroll OF
2. Spencer Strider SP
3. Gunnar Henderson 3B/SS
4. Elly De La Cruz 3B/SS
5. Adley Rutschman C
6. Zach Wheeler SP
7. Triston Casas 1B
8. Luis Castillo SP
9. Junior Caminero 3B
10. Jose Altuve 2B
11. Wyatt Lanford OF
12. Jazz Chisholm OF
13. Jordan Lawlar SS
14. Joe Musgrove SP ?
15. Evan Carter OF
16. Devin Williams RP
17. Francisco Alvarez C
18. Dylan Crews OF
19. Noelvi Marte SS
20. Colt Keith 2B/3B
21. James Wood OF
22. Walker Jenkins OF
23. Isaac Parades 1B/2B/3B
24. Mitch Keller SP
25. Jonathan India 2B
26. Reid Detmers SP
27. Chris Sale SP
28. Jordan Westburg 2B/3B

Free Agents Right now:
Josh Jung 3B ranked 71st
Shane Baz SP ranked 91st
Gavin Williams SP
Sandy Alcantara SP
Shane McClanahan SP
Ricky Tiedmann SP
Jackson Jobe SP
Cade Horton SP
Chase DeLauter OF
Wander Franco maybe.

Thanks in advance.
I'm in 9th place over all 58-64-10 2nd in my division 9 games back.
Consolidation Trade: Gave Jordan Alvarez OF and Williams Contreras C for Adley Rutschman C. I'm happy with this even though I probably over paid.

I don't know about your scoring system but this would be a bad trade in roto dynasty formats, unless Williams is another Contreras brother who hasn't been signed yet.

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