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Help! Continued Help w Dynasty Baseball Team 2.0 (1 Viewer)


We have 12 teams H2H each week. I don't watch baseball. I don't konw what I'm doing. I'm just drafting/acquiring players based off of a Dynasty Matrix on a fan trax site.
Start: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3xOF, UTIL, SP, SP, RP, RP, then like 6 more starting pitchers.
We can only keep 15 players. there are 2 NA spots that go towards keepers and a few IR spots.
24innings min pitch required.

My Keepers and Draft acquisitions
Rank is Overall not position rank Positions are Yahoo platform eligible
#4 CCarroll OF (Keeper)
#10 Yordan Alvarez OF (Keeper)
#11 Gunnar Henderson 3B/SS (Keeper)
#12 Elly De La Cruz 3B/SS (Keeper)
#13 Spencer Strider SP(keeper)
#15 Wyatt Langford OF (DRAFTED HIM)
#20 Junior Camineiro 3B (Keeper)
#30 Evan Carter OF (Keeper)
#43 T Casas 1B (Keeper)
#49 Luis Castillo SP (Keeper)
#55 Jazz Chisholm jr OF (Keeper)
#58 Zach Wheeler SP (Keeper)
#61 J Altuve 2B (Keeper)
#78 Dylan Crews OF (DRAFTED)
#81 Jordan Lawlar SS (Dropped/drafted I think)
#85 F Alvarez C (keeper)
#87 James Wood OF (Drafted)
#91 Roman Anthony OF (drafted)
#94 William Contreras C (Keeper)
#98 Noelvi Marte 3B (drafted)
#99 Walker Jenkins OF (Drafted)
#115 Isaac Paredes 1B/2B/3B (Dropped picked back up)
#117 Colt Keith 2B/3B (Drafted )
#155 Mitch Keller SP (Dropped Picked back up)
#256 Jonathan India 2B (drafted)
#275 Vaugh Grissom SS (dropped, picked back up)
#369 Ried Detmers RP Drafted
#486 AJ Puk RP Drafted
#495 C Estevez RP Drafted
#XXX B Okerking Drafted

I think I've done REALLY WELL to acquire young talent and good players. BUT is it a team? I will need more pitchers.
I would like to trade Altuve for a younger similar caliber 2nd Baseman.
I'm loaded at Outfields.

I like the idea of starting 3 top outfielders. I know I'm young are they contributing now? Langford hasn't even debuted.
OF Carroll, Alvarez, Langford with a Jazz/ or Evan Carter backup/utility Dylan Crews, James Wood, Roman Anthony to debut and Walk Jenkins for 2026. Like which ones would you keep trade?)
2B- Jazz was my Altuve replacement long term but he doesn't play 2B any more. I'm targeting Ozzie Albies. Not sure who else to target there. Colt Keith was drafted as an option. India doesn't excite me. But he's eligible. Probably
SS. Wander Franco screwed up his career so I dropped him.
3B/SS. Gunnar Henderson, Elly De La Cruz,... Should I be worried about GUNNAR/ELLY being limited to either position in the future? Makes me wanna keep Lawlar etc. I was loaded at this spot Junior Caminero only 3B now in Yahoo. Still learning how league changes player positions.
C. Is a hard position to fill in our league. We only start 1 but only 3 teams have two top 200 ranked catchers. I have 2 solid catchers and rank my overall catches as #2 in the league.
3B JuniorCamiero was a 3B/SS guy, now only 3B. I grabbed Noelvi Marte I don't need him immediately. There could be upside there.
1B Casas was pretty much the only option and I've been sitting on him and a lot of these guys going on several years. Paredes fills 3 infield spots in a pinch.

Target Players:
2B. Ozzie Albies.
SP I dunno. Yoshinobu Yamamoto was taken #1 in our draft and I grabbed Wyatt Lanford 4th overall which I felt like was a good deal. Paul Skenes. Cole Ragans was a target that didn't drop. Doval.

Specific Help:
Do you think I trade Altuve at the end of middle of the season? Is that priority or no?
OF: Of my top 5 (Carroll/Yordan Alvarez, Langford, ECarter, JazzChJr. Is there one that's expendable to you? Any of them untouchable?"
OF bench: OF my Dylan Crews, James Wood, Roman Anthony Walker Jenkins. Pick 1....or 2.... and are they better than my top 5?)
Pitchers to Target?
Grayson rodriguez, Eury Perez George Kirby, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Cole Ragans, Logan Webb, Logan Gilbert...
Current Pitchers: How worried do I need to be about Castillo/Wheeler... age 31 and 33. Should I move 1 or both?
Any Pitchers you feel like owners SHOULD avoid or proceed with caution? Maybe due to trade...new ball park favors hitters?

My goal is to use this roster to consolidate to a really strong 13-14 man roster full of elite caliber type keeper.
Eventually 9-10 batters 5-6 Pitchers.
Impressive collection of youngsters.

Something to consider is that dynasty rankings generally assume you get to keep everyone forever. With 15 keepers, age matters less, especially as you move further down the list. I wouldn't be in any rush to get rid of Altuve, Wheeler or Castillo, and I'm not sure 19-year-old OF like Jenkins and Anthony are worth rostering, especially when your OF is so stacked already. I think your core is strong enough to compete now and I'd focus on adding some veteran SP depth.
I'm not sure 19-year-old OF like Jenkins and Anthony are worth rostering,
I second this approach. With only 15 keepers there is no need to keep guys that are one to two years away from even getting a chance to play. You just don't have the space. I would look to move those guys and hope someone else keeps them to free up other players than can actually contribute.
Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.
I drafted best available talent and ended up with lot of extra OFs. I'm definitely looking to move some players.

I'm all for trading my surplus players for some SP or positional upgrades.
I don't know what it takes to trade for the following positional Targets:

C: Adley Rutschman #43 is only Catcher I'd target
1B: Vlad Guerro Jr #19 Maybe Cody Bellinger #66
2B: JOzzie Albies, Matt McClain, Gleybar Torres , BStott, Zac Gelof
3B: ARIley #17, RDevers #27, Royce Lewis #35Josh Jung #72,
SS: BWittJr #2, Jackson Holliday #28, Oniel Cruz #42, CJ Abram #44,
OF: Acuna #1, Julio Rodriguez #3, Juan Soto #5, F Tatis Jr, #7, Kyle Tucker #8, A Judge #14, JChurio #20, MHarris #21, Luis Robert #22, , Jordan Walker #40, RArozarena #53, Josh Lowe #67,

Eury Perez #31
Corbin Burnes #34
George Kirby #36
Grayson Rodriguez #38
Yoshinobu Y. #39
Tarik Skubal #45
Pablo Lopez #47
ZGallen #48
L Gilbert #56
Cole Ragans #59
Bobby Miller #62
FPeralta #64
L Webb #68
JhDuran #76
Aaron Nola #79
Framber Vldz #80
J Hader #82
JEsus Luzardo #84
EClase #89
Ed Diaz #95
PSkenes #100
ZEflin #102
Joe Ryan #103
Tanner Bibee #108
BSnell #111
Bryce Miller #113
Kyle Harrison #119
Devin Wililams #126
Baily Ober #131
Hunter Greene #133
Shane Bieber #136
Kodai Senga #138
J Steele #143
JMusgrove #145
Bryan Woo #158
Shota Imanaga #180
Andrew Painter #206

The owner of ZGallen needs at least 2OF starters for a complete keeper roster. He also owns Nola, Diaz, Snell, HGreene, Woo. Probably not trading all of them.
I like the idea of giving up 2-4 players for a 1stud pitcher and a dropable Pitcher that can contribute quality innings. Which OF do you suggest moving?

The owner of: Kirby, Grayson, Gilbert, Duran, Skeens, Eflin, BryMiller, Shota, Painter needs a 3B. What's Jackson Caminero value?
I would prefer to keep Gunnar and Elly DLC. They both play 2 positions and I don't know if they'll be limited to 1 position in the future.

Owner of EPerez, CRagans, BobbyMiller, Luzardo, Ober, Senga doesn't have a quality Catcher or SS. I have 2 of each. He's got a solid, well balanced team and i feel like not trading him players gives us a chance. He's one of 2-3 guys in the league that follows baseball I'll bet.

Owner of Yoshinobu, PLopez, JHader... took Yoshi #1 overall it's his first year. He took the team over from a guy that died. The team isn't that team. It's not a compete now team (He also owns Vlad Guerro, Mookie Bets,..... I'd gladly pay for Guerro, and Yoshi... slightly above market price. I could even include Future prospects like JENKINS etc as added value because I believe he has the roster space.

Typically.... I can see a trade or path to a trade. I have accumulated talent so that I have the ability to over-pay...thus allowing me to grab more talent. We can trade picks but no one has ever done that in our league etc.

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