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Dynasty Openings - PPR (MOXHP2) (1 Viewer)

el centro

I am looking for 2 owners. Currently the league sits at 14-teams, however, we are condensing the league to 12 teams. You have your choice of any of the four open teams; whichever two teams are remaining will be dispersed using a dispersal Waiver Process. The Waiver order will be determined by a random draw. The rosters currently sit at 20, but will be increased to 22 to allow for the increased amount of talent that will be dispersed. This Waiver Process will take place shortly after we have 12 owners. There will be a separate Rookie draft in August, in which the Draft order has already been set based on 2012's standings & previous trades.

League Scoring rules are here. Scoring is pretty much standard scoring, plus PPR (1.0 WR / 2.0 TE) Start 10: 1-QB, 2-RB, 2-WR/TE, 3-Flex (RB/WR/TE), 1-K, 1-Def.

League Dues are $115/year. Commissioner is setting up LeagueSafe to ensure prompt/proper payouts. Unlimited trading & Free-Agent Pickups. Fees only incurred if you trade away draft picks beyond present season.

League Bylaws are here.

League Openings in HP-2 are (Need to fill 1 of the 3):

OpenHP2(a) - Newton, Hillman, MJD, Spiller, JordyNelson, Greg Olsen. Picks 1.09 & 1.14
OpenHP2(b) - Freeman, Luck, Lamar Miller, Alshon Jeffery, S.Johnson, Dem.Thomas, Martellus Bennett. Picks 1.03 & 2.03
OpenHP2© - Romo, Lynch, Ridley, Cruz, D-Jax, Celek, Fleener, Pitta. Picks 1.11 & 2.11

Feel free to either PM me or email me if you're interested or have any questions. My email: eyedawg@comcast.net
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