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Dynasty rookie draft: 1.05 for Ruggs and 1.09? (1 Viewer)


League: IDP dynasty. All players are kept year to year. Deep rosters (50 + 5 player taxi squad), pretty standard scoring, NO ppr, NOT super flex. 

Just got an offer and I can't make up my mind. Do I give up the 1.05 pick in a Dynasty rookie draft? Was offered the 1.09 pick and Henry Ruggs for the 1.05. Either is a gamble. One team above me has QB issues, so a QB might go off the board way early, but I doubt 2 go. So I'm probably looking at the fourth best non-QB talent, but could be the third or even the fifth. 

On the other hand, LB is a need for my team. I could take a gamble on Ruggs getting his stuff together and take a LB at 1.09 (Parsons or Collins, no doubt). Yes, that is reaching a bit for a LB that early, but it would fill a need with one of the best prospects at LB. 




This really depends on your opinion of Ruggs vs how deep your first couple tiers of rookies go.  If you have a top 5 and see a drop off then this is likely not worth it.  But if you have a top 3 or 4 and then a big drop off and don't see a difference between the next 6 guys then sure take the chance on Ruggs.  Or if you things Ruggs is going to take a big step forward and you don't have a top 5 tier that it seems like you should do it.

Personally, I stay at 5.  I don't have confidence in Ruggs and I like the first 5 (Harris, Williams, Chase, Pitts, ETN - not in any order) much more than what comes next.



I think I would stay at the 1.5. I believe as well there is a tier break after the top 4-5. 

There could be a possibility to reoffer the trade back if the draft comes and you don't like who's there at 5 during the draft. Of course, the player they are targeting would still need to be there as well. 


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