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Dynasty Start Up. (PPR, NON IDP, SLOW DRAFT) (1 Viewer)


Hey Guys,

Starting up a new dynasty league that will be drafting soon after filling up. I'll give some highlights and if you are interested I encourage you to visit the league web page and look at the league constitution (found at Reports>Rules>League Bylaws)


$105 buy in ($5 for MFL)
14 Teams, 2 Divisions
Using Victory points- Division Winners and next highest 4 VP Teams make playoffs each year. Seeding based on VP totals.
28 Man Rosters
100% Leaguesafe Payout

Starting Lineups:
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
2 Flex (wr/rb/te)
1 Def/Sec/K combined

1 PPR for WR and RB, TE is 1.5 PPT
5 pt Passing TDs
1pt/25 passing yards
6 Pt rec/rushing TDs
other than that pretty standard nothing too crazy. (Details in Constitution)

Innagural Draft will be as soon after league fills up. Slow email, Snake Draft, 24 Round, with rookie spacer picks. 12 hour timer stopped over night. Should take around a week with decent owner activity.

Annual 3 round Rookie/FA draft following NFL draft.

I currently commish 3 dynasty leagues and 2 redraft leagues with a collection of great owners. Looking to fill this one up with some new friendly faces. I'm looking for quality, dedicated owners. Please don't apply if you can't pay the entry fee immediately! I'm not chasing grown adults around the interwebs over $100. If you like smack talk, trading, and walking the fine line of gamesmanship and being an ###### you may be the right owner for this league. If you are interested, send an email to sean.l.nichols@gmail.com or post in this thread and we'll go from there.

On that note, I'm Rex Ryan in dodge ball, OUT! Later boys.


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