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Dynasty Startup - Need 2 Replacements $150, PPR (1 Viewer)


Our league is in the final stages of the startup auction and I have an owner or two who may or may not want to stay. I'm fishing for some owners who could take over right away if the spot opened.

It's $150 annual fee, league hosted on Yahoo, although most the action, including the auction, is held on proboards. It's a 2QB starting league and PPR. We have a college development draft. I've posted a few times on here to fill the slots, so you may be familiar with the setup. It's an auction and you bid against everyone then assign contracts to the players. That's the basis of the league.

Both teams have drafted really well up to this point. We still have to auction off TEs and DEFs. I've posted the highlights below. Let me know if you're interested. kmorel@mail.usf.edu

Team A:
Colin Kaepernick
Matt Schaub
E.J. Manuel
La'Veon Bell
Isaiah Pead
Roddy White
Mike Williams
Aaron Dobson
Michael Crabtree

Team B:
Russell Wilson
Ben Roethlisberger
Ryan Tannehill
Darren Sproles
Chris Johnson
Maurice Jones-Drew
Brandon Marshall
Julio Jones


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