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Dynasty - which player to cut? (1 Viewer)


12 team dynasty

We start  QBs:1  RBs:2-3  WRs:3-4 TEs:1-2  1 Defense and 1 Kicker

I have to cut one more player before our draft. I already cut 5, but would like advice on the last one. Thanks.

Which one?

Barber, PeytonTBBRB

Brown, JohnBALWR10NSBUF6

Collins, AlexBALRB10NSBUF15

Fuller, WillHOUWR

Garcon, PierreSFOWR

Jones, AaronGBPRB

Murray, LataviusMINRB

Perine, SamajeWASRB

Sanders, EmmanuelDENWR

Seferian-Jenkins, AustinJACTE

Rest of Roster

Wilson, RussellSEAQB

Rivers, Phillip

Ajayi, JayPHIRB

Henry, DerrickTENRB

Lewis, DionTENRB

McKinnon, JerickSFORB

Landry, JarvisCLEWR

Smith-Schuster, JuJuPITWR

Parker, DeVanteMIAWR

Olsen, GregCARTE

Butker, HarrisonKCCPK

Ravens, BaltimoreBALDef

I would wait one more year for Perine if I were you. Could be Devonta or TJ Yeldon.

Garcon or ASJ for me or even John Brown. Yeah, cut John Brown. They're never going to be studs.

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