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Erik Coleman (1 Viewer)

Weiner Dog

Jets | Coleman Entrenched as Starter

Fri, 22 Jul 2005 19:10:10 -0700

Barry Roesler, of NewYorkJets.com, reports New York Jets head coach Herman Edwards said barring injury, S Erik Coleman will start at free safety this season. Coleman started all 18 games - 16 regular season and two playoff contests - a year ago.

I know there were ???? surrounding Coleman's position. The above-listed coincides with the Ourlads depth chart.



I had reported that Coleman was solid in the past, but I'm just a homer.... I'm not saying my Jets stuff is gospel, but it has been pretty clear that Coleman was a starter for some time.... Hermie just confirmed what most Jet homers knew. What was more interesting in his latest comments were that he talked up Miller to be in the competition for the starting CB spot, agaianst Hunter (just aquired from Dallas) and Mickens. Mickens and Hunter both come off serious knee injuries, so if Miller doesn't have too many coverage breakdowns in camp and preseason, he may well win the spot. He has more speed than his competion, hands down, and a better nose for the big play. The question is, how many times will he get burned with misreads. The other Safety spot is also up for grabs. Looks like McGraw or Rhodes at this point. You might see a safety rotation also, so a word of caution to the Coleman owners. He is short, and they just might want the taller McGraw and Rhodes in there on certain packages. Who the other starter is will remain very much up in the air well into preseason. DC Donnie Henderson uses safeties interchangably, at least much of the time, so it's more like L and R safties, not SS and FS.

So it's safe to say that his value takes a drop since he won't be a SS?
No. The Jets scheme is one where the safeties are interchangable. Just like last year. He may play SS, and the next play, be the FS. Depends on the defensive play call, and what Vilma calls at the line. Same as last year, so no, no change in Coleman's value as far as I can tell. He's a starting safety.

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