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ESPN is awesome (1 Viewer)


I learned that Eagles fans booed McNabb at the draft and they once threw snowballs at Santa. You can see alot by watching. That is all.

Here was the ESPN response:



Posted by Mike Florio on December 15, 2008, 3:46 p.m.

Earlier in the day, we posted a blurb about the must-see video of a guy named “Cowboy Chris” invoking “freedom of speech, freedom of [the] press, freedom of religion” while mercilessly heckling ESPN’s Ed Werder, who was attempting to file a report from Dallas Cowboys headquarters at Valley Ranch.

Making the incident even more intriguing to us was the profane reaction of the ESPN producer, identified to us via a source as “Sean.”

“Sean” used the “F” word by our count at least nine times toward Cowboy Chris.

We contacted ESPN for a response to the incident, and here’s what spokesman Josh Krulewitz had to say: “Someone was yelling at our crew, preventing them from doing their job. The producer used language that was over the line and we have addressed that with him.”

In our view, just as troubling than the language was the condescending attitude that the producer displayed toward a guy who falls smack dab in the middle of ESPN’s prime demographic for its various products and platforms. People like Cowboy Chris are ESPN’s best customers, because they constantly are searching for information about their favorite teams, and they’re relying on ESPN’s television, print, and broadcast programming to get it.

So when “Sean” repeatedly tells Cowboy Chris to “get a f–king life” for doing that which true fans (short for “fanatics”) do, “Sean” is basically projecting a sense that, in his capacity as an ESPN producer, he regards true fans as losers.

Here’s the reality, “Sean,” without Cowboy Chris and thousands more like him, “I work for ESPN” would be a far less effective pick-up line.

And, based on your YouTube debut, it looks like you need all the help you can get.


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