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Evans for D. Adams? (1 Viewer)


This is a dynasty PPR League. I made another trade with this other owner earlier in the year and I picked up his 2019 third-round rookie pick. he just made an offer to me of his Mike Evans for my Davante Adams and that 3rd round pick that he traded me in the other deal.

I'm pretty high on Adams, but obviously Evans is another top Dynasty asset. 

I guess it comes down to which is the better long-term asset as a whole? I'm guessing most people will say Evans & I'm crazy for not auto accepting.

What say you? ?

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I like Adams, he even produced last year with Rodgers out.  I would never trade him AND a pick for Evans. At worst maybe a straight up deal if you like Evans better.

This is pretty close. I like Adams better so I would say stick with him him, but I can see you making the trade as well.


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