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Falguys Weekly Challenge (1 Viewer)

Sorry this is late falguy, hopefully I didn't miss the deadline:QB: Jeff GarciaRB: Priest HolmesRB: Clinton PortisWR: Anquan BoldinWR: Chris ChambersWR: Hines WardTE: Freddie JonesK: Kris Brown
:shock: Wow, nice job!!! :yes: ;)
Nice lineup Cracker!Sorry about the stats delay. I wasn't able to get the stats downloaded yesterday (I wonder why the main page was not available all afternoon/evening :rolleyes: ).I'll try to have the stats out sometime this evening. Since this is the first week, and I'm getting the stats in a new format, it'll take longer for this week than the rest. Thanks for your patience. Those who participated last year know that I'll come through with a bunch of stats and keep this thing going. If you missed week #1, you can still join in.I'll post a new thread for week #2 picks shortly.


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