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FBG home window guys help - bump for question on install method (1 Viewer)


I know we have some window experts in here.  I need to replace at least 6 windows in 4 openings and I had a local company out here that distributes/installs Sunrise windows, specifically he was quoting me on their Restorations line.

Any thoughts on Sunrise windows as a brand?  From the few things I've read so far they seem to be well regarded.  I'm not staying in this house long-term, maybe another 3-4 years so i'm not looking for the best, I just need to replace the ####ty contractor grade windows on the front side of my house with popped seals.

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Sunrise are a good choice.  Ask for a list of installers in your area, choosing the right installer is maybe 70% of the battle in my opinion.  



Thx.  Only one installer in the area and they have pretty universal good reviews... Quoting me $6k for 6 triple pane doublehung r7 u21.  It's the sunrise restorations line which is higher quality one I believe



Bumping as I revisit new window installation.  More serious about getting it done in the next 6-8 weeks.  

The Sunrise installer is telling me they have two options for install (they want to charge me about a grand extra for the full frame method on 11 windows):

A frame in frame install will be removing the window sash and leaving the existing window frame and any trim intact. The new window frame will fit inside the old window frame. This method is the industry standard but provides some concerns. Your windows will seem a little smaller since it is now inside the old window frame behind your wall. Also if you have rot many times it is hidden under the exiting window frame and gets masked.

A full frame method everything is torn out right down to the header and shoulder studs. This would mean the widow size wouldn’t be smaller, no rot can hide under the existing window frame, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a poorly insulated old window frame still in the opening. You can also get new interior wood trim with the full frame method if you’d like.

Anyone know much about the differences on this?  Should I bother with a full frame install?  Or am I getting snowed?



I've done both types.

If you have a newer house and you don't care about the look (you'll be seeing a LOT of vinyl), then just install inside the existing frame.

But the best method is to completely strip everything down to the studs and start from scratch. If they're only charging an extra $91 per window for that, then it will be worth it. Does the $91 include new trim or re-using the old trim?



You mentioned only being there 3-4 more years, so in that case I'd save the money.

I'd also get another bid. $6000 for 6 windows sounds really high to me. Mainly because of your 3-4 year time window. 

As an example, I can get Pella vinyl windows off the shelf from Lowes  for $200 a window or less. Now, I can install them myself (have probably installed a hundred of these), but this window is going to last 10 years at least. So for a guy looking to move in 3-4 years, this is all I would do.


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