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FBG's All-Star Announcing Team (1 Viewer)

2-person or 3-person booth?

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Here's the plan--we've been talking a lot lately about lamenting this or that football announcing team. So let's come up with the FBGs All-Star announcing team. The team who FBGs would consider the creme de la creme.We'll have the booth team, and a sideline reporter. We'll start first by setting the parameters for the booth team (with this poll). Once we do, we'll open a thread for suggestions for play-by-play announcer. Only requirement is that:a. they be alive, andb. that they actually have done this line of work in the past. (I mean, Chris Matthews might be fun in the booth, but I doubt we'll ever see him calling an NFL game).Once the suggestions are in, we'll set up a poll for our play-by-play person and vote. Plurality carries the day. After the play-by-play slot is set, we'll take suggestions for the color spot, and start all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat.Hopefully, in a week or two, we'll have the greatest gathering of talent in the booth ever assembled. . . "The FBGs All-Star Announcing Team"So, first things first: DO YOU PREFER A TWO- OR THREE-PERSON BOOTH?

This isn't exactly a blow-out. Any 2-man booth supporters want to weigh in? We'll cut this off sometime tomorrow. . .

Al Michaels, Troy Aikman, Chris Colinsworthgets my vote.


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