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FBI at HQ of Flying J - company of new CLE Browns owner (1 Viewer)

Angry Beavers




Agents from the FBI and Knoxville Police Officers are at Pilot Flying J Headquarters off Lonas Drive in West Knoxville.

We do not know why the officials are there, and 10News crews were asked to leave the property.

Pilot was founded in 1958 by Jim Haslam. His son, Jimmy, runs the company now. Governor Bill Haslam, another son, resigned from the company to become Mayor of Knoxville then Governor of Tennessee

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The Chachinator fails to see the fantasy football relevance here.

In other news Jerry Jones got a tummy tuck.

From a Fantasy perspective.. probably not much. Would be interesting from an NFL viewpoint if something criminal came of it.

They're investigating how a franchise can fail for so long
We need to spend tax dollars to figure this out??? We already know what the issue was. An owner who inherited the team and was a reluctant owner.

Bracie Smathers to the white courtesy phine...educate this individual Bracie.


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