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FILLED...14 TEAM SUPERFLEX / TE Prem / Devy needs 1 owner (1 Viewer)


I have 1 opening in a 14 team Superflex - $60, Paypal or Venmo  I have been commish for 20 straight years and never had a problem.  I am happy to provide references of owners from year 1 to year 20. 
* .33 RB/.66 WR/1 pt TE PPR 
* 1 Devy player per roster max. Taken during rookie drafts. 
* Link to available team:  http://www66.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=53109&O=07&F=0014

11 starters total: QB=1-2 RB=2-3 WR=3-5 TE=1-3 K=1-3 DT=1 (must carry 2) 

Rostered Players: 

QB (may start 2): Cassel, Foles, Mayfield, Rosen, Siemian. 

RB (start 2-3): Bernard, Booker, Ivory, Kelly, Perkins, Sproles.   

WR (start 3-5): Hamilton, Humphries, Jackson, Lee, Marshall, Ross, Smith (Torry), Tate. 

TE (start 1-3): Butt, Eifert, Goedert, Green, James. 

K (start 1-3): Bullock, Gano. 

DT (must carry 2):  Buccaneers, Cowboys. 

Devy Player: Rodney Anderson Oklahoma RB  

Draft picks 1.01,1.12,2.01,2.12,3.01,4.01,5.01,7.01,8.01. 

Remember this is a devy, so these players will not be featured in the rookie draft because they are owned by one of the 13 returning teams: Kelvin Harmon, AJ Brown, Anthony Johnson, Damien Harris, D'Andre Swift, Jarrett Stidham, Harry N'Keal, Caleb Wilson, David Montgomery, Drew Locke, Bryce Love, Justin Herbert, Will Grier.   

* Only looking for dedicated, active owners. Must respond to deals in 24 hours, must be willing to seek trades. This is a long term dynasty league. Can be removed due to inactivity.  
Site Rules: http://www66.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=53109&O=26 

*Returning owners may decide to throw everything and create a dispersal draft in this league.  If it is confirmed that this is the case you will have the option of staying in a dispersal scenario or getting your money back. 

DM if interested. 

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