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FILLED - $200 14 team, PPR / Snake Draft - ESPN (1 Viewer)


Looking for more people to join this league below

Settings - https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=574166
Have to open link in a browser.

$200 entry via leaguesafe
14 team, PPR, Snake Draft
Draft is - Aug 31st @ 9:30pm ET
Bonus wins added as well

League has been going 6 years, just finally had some guys who didnt want to join this year.
To obtain a “bonus win” teams will be awarded an additional Win or Loss based on their points scored versus the rest of the league.
If a team's points are in the top half of the league for the week, that team gets an additional Win.
If a team's points for are in the bottom half of the league for the week, that team gets an additional Loss.


If interested in more leagues, feel free to check out www.tinyurl.com/openleagues

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