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FILLED 4 team dispersal draft (one team left) - 16 team, IDP, Contract, Dynasty (1 Viewer)



We have 4 openings that we are looking to fill in a long term league that started in 2012. Long term league with same commish since the start of the league.

We will have a draft start as soon as possible after the 4 teams are filled and you have a chance to look over the rules.

We will have 50 rounds with 5 rookies going onto the taxi squad. Those 5 players will get 5 year contracts.

You will get 113 years worth of contracts to give to the remaining 45 players - you have to give each player a contract between 1 and 4 years.

The leagues have been set up to mimic the NFL in many ways:
Contracts - after acquiring a player you assign a contract between 1 and 4 years. This allows players to continue to rotate through the league and helps teams who are rebuilding.
Franchise tag - you keep one zero year contract player per year who is given a 4 year contract.
Transition tag - we have an auction for transition players and the original owner is allowed to match a bid and keep the player.
Worst to First waivers - to help teams that aren’t as good to rebuild quicker
Trades - The setup of the league and the contracts makes trading an important part of running your team.
We normally have very little turnover with many years of all teams returning.

We have a balanced scoring system where IDP’s scores are a very important part of the league. We have had a defensive player lead our league in scoring in the past. We have a far more accurate scoring system for QB’s and RB’s. The QB loses points for an incompletion and a RB loses points on a run for no gain. So, a QB who has a horrible game will not save his day because of garbage points. If his completion percentage was low and very little to show in TD’s or yards his score will not be good.
The scoring is proven with usage since early 2000’s so we know it works.

We start a QB, plus 5 offensive players (RB, WR and TE plus 2 flex)
We start 2 DE, 1DT, 3LBers, 2CB, 2 Safeties and 1 flex plus a kicker and punter

The Insane Asylum

The league site is:

Here is a list of the players that will be available to the 4 teams sorted by scoring last year.
Top 100
1. Brady, Tom TBB QB
2. Samuel, Deebo SFO WR
3. Adams, Davante GBP WR
4. Donald, Aaron LAR DT
5. Ekeler, Austin LAC RB
6. Watt, T.J. PIT LB
7. Wilkins, Christian MIA DT
8. Kittle, George SFO TE
9. Parsons, Micah DAL LB
10. Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB
11. Gay, Matt LAR PK
12. Simmons, Jeffery TEN DT
13. Jones, Aaron GBP RB
14. Lockett, Tyler SEA WR
15. Wagner, Bobby SEA LB
16. Hubbard, Sam CIN DE
17. Fitzpatrick, Minkah PIT S
18. Ertz, Zach ARI TE
19. Bridgewater, Teddy DEN QB
20. Joseph, Greg MIN PK
21. Fant, Noah DEN TE
22. Harris, Damien NEP RB
23. Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB
24. Henry, Derrick TEN RB
25. Terrell, A.J. ATL CB
26. Elliott, Jake PHI PK
27. Bell, Vonn CIN S
28. Gano, Graham NYG PK
29. Harris, Charles DET DE
30. Williams, Leonard NYG DE
31. Lewis, Jourdan DAL CB
32. Surtain II, Patrick DEN CB
33. Gronkowski, Rob TBB TE
34. Landry, Harold TEN LB
35. Abram, LVR S
36. Singletary, Devin BUF RB
37. Bass, Tyler BUF PK
38. Conklin, Tyler MIN TE
39. Payne, Da'Ron WAS DT
40. Oruwariye, Amani DET CB
41. Bullock, Randy TEN PK
42. Cooper, Amari DAL WR
43. Amos, Adrian GBP S
44. Koo, Younghoe ATL PK
45. Judon, Matt NEP LB
46. Crosby, Maxx LVR DE
47. Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB
48. Sneed, L'Jarius KCC CB
49. Van Noy, Kyle NEP LB
50. Williams, Marcus NOS S
51. Berrios, Braxton NYJ WR
52. Sieler, Zach MIA DE
53. Edmonds, Chase ARI RB
54. Goff, Jared DET QB
55. Mitchell, Terrance HOU CB
56. Queen, Patrick BAL LB
57. Jenkins, Malcolm NOS S
58. Harris, Deonte NOS WR
59. Gonzalez, Zane CAR PK
60. Cook, Jared LAC TE
61. Williams, Darious LAR CB
62. Davenport, Marcus NOS DE
63. Averett, Anthony BAL CB
64. Wallace, Levi BUF CB
65. Mayfield, Baker CLE QB
66. Sweat, Josh PHI DE
67. Echols, Brandin NYJ CB
68. Palardy, Michael MIA PN
69. Sanders, Miles PHI RB
70. Nichols, Bilal CHI DT
71. Santos, Cairo CHI PK
72. Brown, Malcom JAC DT
73. Wingard, Andrew JAC S
74. Muhammad, Al-Quadin IND DE
75. Woods, Al SEA DT
76. Sorensen, Daniel KCC S
77. Richardson, Sheldon MIN DT
78. Campbell, Tyson JAC CB
79. Ward, Jimmie SFO S
80. McCourty, Devin NEP S
81. Covington, Christian LAC DT
82. Harris, Will DET S
83. Jefferson, Quinton LVR DT
84. Thomas, Tavierre HOU CB
85. Wonnum, D.J. MIN DE
86. Gaskin, Myles MIA RB
87. Moreau, Fabian ATL
88. Watts, Armon MIN DT
89. Huber, Kevin CIN PN
90. Joseph, Linval LAC DT
91. Sanders, Jason MIA PK
92. Williams, P.J. NOS CB
93. Breeland, Bashaud FA CB
94. Sanders, Emmanuel BUF WR
95. Davis, Michael LAC CB
96. Hilton, Mike CIN CB
97. Needham, Nik MIA CB
98. Gaines, Greg LAR DE
99. Jones, Byron MIA CB
100. Njoku, David CLE TE

There are several good rookies available as well
Hutchinson, Aidan DET DE (R)
Lloyd, Devin JAC LB (R)
Spiller, Isaiah LAC RB (R)
Walker, Travon JAC DE (R)
Dulcich, Greg DEN TE (R)
Willis, Malik TEN QB (R)
Mafe, Boye SEA DE (R)
Cine, Lewis MIN S (R)
Muma, Chad JAC LB (R)
Strong Jr., Pierre NEP RB (R)
Clark, Damone DAL LB (R)
Araiza, Matt BUF PN (R)
Kolar, Charlie BAL TE (R)

Most of the teams traded next year picks so there will be the following available to draft - 2nd, 4th and 5th round picks next year.

We will require teams to pay 60 to join and this fee will pay $30 towards the 2022 season and 30 will go towards the 2023 season.

If interested or have a question please contact me by a message on this site.

Thank you for your interest.
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