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FILLED 7 Team Dispersal - SF/TE Prem - Need 3 more (1 Viewer)


I am looking for 3 more owners to join a 7 team dispersal in a Superflex/TE Premium league. $50 per season via LeagueSafe/MFL/Groupme. Just took over the league from previous turnover and worked with remaining owners to adjust some bylaws to ensure the future going forward.

Bylaws: https://www49.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=54239&O=26

Dispersal Pool assets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vP2n1h-0am3N0Pu0AwsicnEBuCNZPo5BFFd23kmHki0/edit#gid=0

This dispersal will be a 7 team snake dispersal via Google Sheets. Please note that ALL 2025 picks available are also in there. There are 6 firsts in 2025 rather than 7, so I am adding all 2025 picks into the pool to account for this, and also to allow for more control over your future to build how you wish to. Either 2024 or 2025 picks are eligible to take ay any pick at anytime in the dispersal in place of a real player.

Due to some people leaving and deposits being leftover, we are able to discount the 2024 cost for all new owners with the extra money. The cost of the 2024 season will only be $28. However, I am requiring all owners to also pay their 2025 fee ($50). This allows us to bring in owners who are not looking to hit and run, and with 2025s available, it covers us if you leave this draft without 2025 picks.

DM with interest!
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