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filled - Dynasty Startup - $100 entry - R&B theme - Superflex - Bestball Lineups (1 Viewer)


Dynasty Startup
email freezang_@hotmail.com if you are interested

Entry - $100
Theme - R & B (league and team banners to be created once league is filled, see banner examples of other leagues at bottom of post)
Bestball format (just don't set a lineup, otherwise full options of trades, moves, etc)
Scoring - https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=44742&O=09
Settings - https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2024/options?L=44742&O=26
Superflex, start 2 TE with DEF scoring bumped up.
28 teams, 2 copy (2 of each player in the database) so essentially two 14 team leagues with the same settings combined into one.
GroupMe chat to keep everyone chatting away.

Start 12 players total
1-2 QB, 2-4 RBs, 3-5 WRs, 2-4 TEs, 1-2 DEF

In regards to the dynasty leagues I run, they are all on MFL (myfantasyleague.com) and all have the same exact scoring.
We have 66 leagues compiling 1570 teams between them
The fun with this format is that the settings help make each position value a lot more even.
This leads to alot more trading, fun and strategy.
Example of scoring:
1.0 PPR for RBs
1.25 PPR for WRs
1.75 PPR for TEs
plus some other bonus points for yardage, QBs sacks negative etc
There is a group chat on GroupMe for each.
This is an integral but maybe not a MUST have part of the league(s), good chatter, good for trading, good for many things that help you get better at dynasty.
There will be more startups this year but also will be some orphans to take over.
All leagues are Superflex (can start 2nd QB ), 64 of the 66 are start 2 TE minimum, helps with the TE premium scoring.
61 of the 66 have defenses with the ability to flex a defense if you want (Defense scoring is bumped up to make them as valuable as other starting players)
Start 12 players total
1-2 QB, 2-4 RBs, 3-5 WRs, 2-4 TEs, 1-2 DEF (no DEF if league has no defense)
So position breakdown of the ones with defenses is like - QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, TE, Superflex, Flex, Flex, DEF
Each league has a theme, with Banner/Picture for each team. Whether its the Simpsons, Rock Bands, Cartoons, Playboy Models or whatever creative ideas there are.
There are leagues that are regular setting your lineups and also leagues with bestball scoring. (Eventhough its bestball, there is still trading and waivers etc, just no setting a lineup)
Bestball scoring is the same of idea as you already might be used it, the computer just takes your best scoring players to make your lineup for the day, after the games are over.
Most of the leagues are 24 teams and up. Which involves having 2 of each player in the database (system doesn't allow you to own more than 1)
Other league examples
28 teams, 2 of each player (2 copy) (like a 14 team league)
60 teams, 5 of each player (5 copy) (like multiple 12 team leagues)
I roll out many draft tools that are available to everyone to learn the format.
Such as Rookie draft and startup (new league) draft results, keeping track of championship wins, ROI% (although I dont make that one public)
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