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[FILLED]Salary Cap/Contracts league on MFL - $100/year - DISCOUNT - 2 open teams for 4-teams-dispersal (1 Viewer)


Decade of Domination (Salary Cap & contracts league) is looking for new owners!

Going into our 5th season, DoD has 4 open teams for a DEEP dispersal draft with a ton of young dynasty talent (Bijan Robinson, Garrett Wilson, Jordan Addison, Sam LaPorta, Travis Etienne, CJ Stroud and more) and a TOTAL of 39 available draft picks! You can have a look at ALL the available players (including contract details) here.

All 4 franchises should/can be personalized upon joining.

Complex, fun, and active league – if you´re looking for a real challenge with year-round activity, this is the place! The league has free agency, franchise tags, rookie drafts, a domination award, ...

The league fee is $100 (+ 1 year deposit), we offer the 1st year at a discount of 50% - so upon joining you’d be due $150 (all $$$ held in leaguesafe).

I´ll happily provide bylaws in a PDF format and additional information (either via private message, below this thread, or mail to: eric.jungbluth@yahoo.com )

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