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FILLED - Unique $100 12 team contract/salary cap/IDP with one spot available (1 Viewer)


League bylaws here.


This is a unique set up with the first opening in three years. 

League includes:

40 man roster in season 45 off season, plus 5 TS

85 year contract cap

1,000 salary cap with system that holds teams accountable with penalties stiff enough to deter ridiculous contracts but forgiving enough to not cripple teams after a purge.  Unlike tradition dynasty leagues that require a 3-4 year rebuild, a team can be rebuilt in one year in this format since cap penalties are only paid forward one year after bad contracts are purged.  Holdouts and contract increases ensure some free agents are available every year through roster tunrover.

Franchise tags

Transition tags


Contract amnesty

Contract extensions

Taxi squad

Team assets include Mayfield $1.05/N Chubb $44.10/D Guice $44.10/Fournette $55.57/D Adams $145.27/K Allen $151.65 with $321 in cap space for free agency auction.  Team also holds the 1.03, 1.06, 1.08, 1.11 and 2.03.

This is a good team with affordable salaries loaded with draft picks.  PM or post here with any questions or serious interest and I will send you the link to the league and more information.  Looking for someone with experience with IDP and salary cap.


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