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Edit: league is filled. Title & links removed, post left for posterity.

2 Openings in $47 10-team 0.5 PPR Dynasty League

8th year of the league, 0.5 PPR, two flex spots. Start QRRWWWTFFDK. 24 man rosters plus 3 IR and 3 taxi squad. Playoffs weeks 15 & 16. Complete bylaws here.

Plan is to have a dispersal draft, unless the two new owners would rather directly take over the two open teams (and one of them is fine getting the weaker team rather than the defending champ).

Available players include Gurley, Hopkins, Kelce, Luck, and a bunch of other good players, especially at WR (AJ Green, Tyreek Hill, TY Hilton, ...). Complete rosters here and here. Both open teams have their full slate of draft picks, in draft slots 4 and 10.

We'll start the dispersal draft once both owners are paid up ($47 on leaguesafe) and ready to go. The rookie draft is scheduled for Tue Aug 21.

Message me if you're interested, ideally including a link to a team of yours in another dynasty league.

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I'm interested in the dispersal draft!  I play in 2 leagues on MFL, email me at rdaandrews@gmail.com. I will also send you message here :)


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