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Phantom Knight

10 team. Keep 6.  Yahoo.  $25 (Leaguesafe)

Hi Gals and Guys,

We have a little "friends and family" league that is in need of 2 owners.

This is a Yahoo free league with a $25 buy-in.  Everything goes out in prize money and we use LeagueSafe to keep the funds.

Draft: will be a live online draft on Monday, September 3 at 8pm EST.  1 minute per pick. Snaking draft.  We would normally have trading of picks/players (to be kept) before the draft.  This year, that will be dependent upon us having all owners onboard and paid up in time to allow a trading window - time is short!

Roster size is 20.  We start 10 QB, RB, RB, WR, WE, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, K and Def and have 10 on the bench.  Scoring is fairly "standard" PPR using decimal scoring.  If you need more specifics, let me know!

Keep 6: The league is a "keep between 3 and 6 players". There are several ways of integrating keepers into the draft, we keep players in the round they were last drafted (regardless as to whether the current owner drafted the player or not).  Any players that were not drafted have a last round (20th) designation.  So Juju, for example, who went undrafted last year, would be keepable in the 20th round " forever". There are a few more fine details about which rounds to keep a player (for when an owner has 2 or more players with the same keeper-round designation).

It is a fairly quiet group, low-key group though a few recent owners are trying to wake the gang up!  Here's hoping that the two newest members will add to the chatter!  The league has a mix of competitive and less competitive players. The primary focus is that this is a way for family and friends to be "near" even though some of us are geographically far "from home" while adding enjoyment (or despair!) to watching the games.  If you think you'd be a good fit with us, give me a shout. :)

Here are the two available rosters:

Team 1

Team 2

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Hi, I might be interested. What is the end of season payout? Can you post or send the settings? I've been playing over 15 years, also have a similar friends/family league. 

Also, what does it mean when it says Team 2 (picks 7th/4th)? That's the team I'd be interested in. I think I understand the keeper rules, so I could keep up to 6 players from that team, but lose the draft picks in the rounds indicated next to them?

I can make the draft time. Send me an invite if you want, I'll join thanks. jtwgustafson@hotmail.com


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I’m very interested and ready to pay. Feel free to respond with any questions you may have regarding my Fantasy football experience, etc. If/when you’re comfortable with me joining, please send the league link and LeagueSafe payment info to  ( b_matz@msn.com )




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