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flex help... (1 Viewer)


PPR flex spot help...need 1 out of the 3..

treylon burks vs HOU

singeltary @ CHI

goodwin @ KC

the rest of my crew...
QB allen
RB swift, jacobs
WR st. brown, evans
TE okonkwo
FLEX moss
DEF/K denver
Bench goodwin, singeltary, burks, dulcich, foreman, herbert, r. james

thanks for any input you may have!!!
Here is how I see it:

  • Burks: If Tanny doesn't play then he is a cross off. No way I trust Willis at this point to throw enough to make Burks worth a start coming off an injury
  • Singletary: Probably a floor of 40-ish yards with upside of a TD and 60-ish yards
  • Goodwin: Watch the Lockett status. If he is out then he is very tempting. Would likely depend on whether I need a 40-ish yard floor (Singletary) or some ceiling upside (100yds and a couple TD's - Goodwin)
If you think Tannehill is healthy...Burks..although King Henry will run wild on The Texans so targets may be diminished

It looks like Lockett is out so Goodwin could be a very nice play in a game where Seattle will need to put points galore up

Singletary probably has the highest floor but lowest upside,he's losing touches to the rookie.

For me (assuming Lockett is out)...1. Goodwin
2. Burks
3. Singletary
It's Singletary, and it's not that close.


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