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Flex Option for Week 16 (1 Viewer)


I am in the championship going against the defending champ who is on a 18 game win streak. Who should be my flex option of the players below?

Corey Davis WR TEN vs WAS

Damien Williams RB KCC @ SEA

Kenyan Drake RB MIA vs JAX

Dede Westbrook WR JAX @ MIA 

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Ware looks likely to be back, so i'd go Davis. Think the Titans could use a lot of playaction after Henry's success the last 2 weeks.



Damien is my flex if Ware is indeed out (now Doubtful), but I grabbed D Hamilton as a safety net if Ware ends up playing, since the decision may not be announced until after the day games.

As others have said, Davis is easily your 2nd best play.  Drake has lost snaps to Ballage, and the Jags O is a dumpster fire.

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